Ullapool Falcons are a football team in Ullapool who formed under the ownership of Sheikh Rama al-Koni after Ullapool Co wound up. Iain MacDonald was the clubs first signing. Ullapool Falcons folded after Sheikh Rama al-Koni died in a car crash, and left the club in lots of debt.

1. Jonathon Harvey-Williams (GK)

2. Daniel Shea (DF)

3. Liam Copeland (DF)

4. César Atlante (MF)

5. Gerard Crosston (DF)

6. Wade Kane (DF)

7. Iain MacDonald (MF)

8. Don Warren (MF)

9. Zdenek Shwieg-Kroca (FW)

10. Aço (MF)

11. Andy Barra (FW) (Captain)

12. Chris Roberts (GK)

14. David Ross (DF)

15. Vasek Spahič (DF)

16. Iffy Arnold (MF)

17. Joe Gerrard (MF)

19. Campbell Hall (on loan from ICTFC) (FW)

20. Rory Turner (on loan from ICTFC) (FW)

23. Adam Castle (GK)

24. Ryan Steven

25. Joao Martínez

26. Jay Martínez

27. Marcel Michaels

28. Aidan Matts

29. Aaron Legend

30. Stefan Sykes (GK)

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