The MacB Trophy 2014 will be held on the 7-8th of July 2014. The teams taking part are:

Inverness CT - Highland Cup 2014 winners

Raith Rovers - Fife Cup 2014 winners

Port Glasgow - Renfrewshire Cup 2014 runners up (Greenock Morton withdrew)

KooTeePee - Invitational

First RoundEdit

Inverness CT 11-0 Port Glasgow

Christie 3,5,23,56

Polworth 8,17,22,44,88

Ferguson 20,50

Raith Rovers 3-0 KooTeePee

Moon 1

Fox 3

Kütt OG 39


Inverness CT 3-0 Raith Rovers

Polworth 57,66

Hull 78

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