Jonathon Gambitt Jupp Harvey-Williams is an English retired football goalkeeper. He was born in 1976 in North Shields.

1992-1997 Sunderland

1997-1998 Sunderland RCA

1998-2000 Dunston UTS

2000-2001 Jarrow

2001-2002 Whitley Bay

2002-2004 West Allotment Celtic

2004-2005 North Shields

2005-2010 Jarrow

2010-2011 Fort William

2011-2014 Fochabers

2014 Ullapool Falcons

Released from the Sunderland academy, JHW went part time working as a builder in Jarrow. He played for Sunderland RCA, Dunston UTS, Jarrow and Whitley Bay.

He quit being a builder when he joined West Allotment Celtic upon marriage to his Scottish wife. He later signed for North Shields and returned to Jarrow. He moved to his wifes hometown of Fort William. He was third choice for them. He began to play for Fochabers and scored a goal from his own box vs ICT.