Donald Jim Warren (born 4 September 1980 in Largs) is a Northern Irish-American footballer of English descent born in Scotland who plays for Ullapool Falcons. As a promising youngster, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and USA asked him to play for them, he dismissed Scotland and England but never played for any at any level anyway. He is a coach at Institute

1996-2006 Rangers

1997 -> (loan) Largs Thistle

1999-2000 -> (loan) Linfield

2001-2002 -> (loan) Barrow

2003-2005 -> (loan) Linfield

2006 -> (loan) Linfield

2006-2008 Linfield

2008-2010 Lisburn Distillery

2010 Chicago Fire

2011 Charleston Battery

2011-2012 Glasgow Perthshire

2012-2014 Ullapool Braes

2014 Ullapool Falcons

2014- Institute

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