Copa Sao Costinha is a cup consisting of eight teams, Portugal, the winners and runners up of the Scottish highland cup, two guest club teams and three guest international teams. The current holder is Brazil which is their first title out of participating twice

2012 editionEdit

The 2012 edition was won by Brazil and held in Portugal. The teams were Portugal (hosts), Inverness CT (Highland Cup winners), Ross County (Runners Up), and guests, Al Sadd FC [Qatar], Citizen [Hong Kong], Brazil, Iran B, Fiji.

1st round 2012Edit

Brazil 8-0 Citizen

Al Sadd 5-1 Ross County

Inverness CT 1-0 Iran B

Portugal 6-0 Fiji

2nd Round 2012Edit

Brazil 3-2 Inverness CT

Al Sadd 1-3 Portugal

Third PlaceEdit

Inverness CT 1-2 Al Sadd

Final Edit

Brazil 1-0 Portugal

In the 2012 edition the PFA released a document ranking the teams in the tournament.

1. Brazil

2. Portugal

3. Al Sadd

4. Inverness CT

5. Iran B

6. Ross County

7. Fiji

8. Citizen

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