Buomanga Buomesca Nii Igor Chris "Bruno" Mooy (b 1994) is a Dutch accountant and former soccer player for Gold Coast United. He lives in Faro, Portugal.

Early LifeEdit

Born Buomanga Buomesca Nii Igor Mooy, he was nicknamed Bruno by his friends from a young age. When he entered a Sydney football tournament his name was mixed up with fellow Goalkeeper in the same team, Chris De Fanti. His name was registered as Bruno Nii Igor Chris Mooy. With De Fantis name being entered as Kris Defanto. Bruno kept the name of Chris in his name when teammates Chris De Fanti and Elias Wijlwagt died in a plane crash. Other nicknames for Mooy were Bubu and B. Being the most academic of his family, he was sent to school aged 13 in Switzerland. He returned to play youth football with Gold Coast United. He went by Swiss nationality at the time.


In 2006 he dropped Buomanga Buomesca from his name and replaced it with Bruno. He also denied joining AGOVV FC as there was a Bruno Nii Igor playing in one game. In 2009 he added Buomanga and Buomesca back to his name.