First of all thanks for the many votes that came in and thanks for getting involved in this. Here is a list of the top 10 compiled by me with all your votes.

10th Place - TopSix (Top Six Next Year)

Decent poster who always seems to know what he's talking about. Got a load of votes at the start but tumbled down the table to 10th by the end.

9th Place - Hislopsoffsideagain

Pretty good poster although he hasn't seemed to be as active nowadays still deserves his place here. Got no votes until a few days ago and flew up the table.

8th Place - Oddquine

Never seen them post but seems that most of their posts are in the Indy debate area. Same as above, flew up the table late on.

7th Place - RiG

Personally think he's a good poster, started off well but slumped until a few days ago when he climbed up to 7th in the leaderboard.

6th Place - Johnboy

Decent poster although it has been a long time....seems more active on P&B these days. More of a latecomer on this as well.

5th Place - Dougal

Many dismiss Dougal as a troll, but he comes out with some decent points sometimes and I think he is a good poster, may be a surprise to be so high, but I can't say I disagree with him being here. Was always a regular hovering about the 3rd to 10th area.

4th Place - Gringo

Only fair considering the remarkable work he does with the NPL and the NAPS. Also a decent contributor to the forum. Was always high up on the list, look to have clinched 3rd, but lost it at the last hurdle.

3rd Place - Yngwie

Seems to know his stuff and is a good poster as well. Deserves to take this Bronze medal! Well done Yngwie! was always up there in 4th spot but took it from Gringo at the last hurdle.

2nd Place - Kingsmills

Very intelligent and interesting poster, always knows what he is talking about and a good poster to have on the site. Deserved Silver medal for Kingsmills! Was battling out for 1st but lost it late on

And the best poster in CaleyThistleOnline history is......


1st place for this chap, a good laugh and a great poster on the forum as well. Gold Medal for IHE! As said above, was battling for 1st with Kingsmills through the entire vote, until the end, where IHE took a 1 point lead, and won!