Abdul Ashwin Ashiq (born 19 May 1996 in Chicago, USA) is an American-Pakistani footballer who is a youth player at Inverness CT. He was born in Chicago to Pakistani parents, but moved to Inverness in 2009. He joined Inverness from Beauly in 2011 signing a 3 year contract. He holds a British passport, but has represented Pakistan at U19 level. He is a regular scorer in the early rounds of the Highland Cup.

Born in Chicago Heights to a Pakistani Father and a Bangladeshi mother, he moved to the north-east Colorado village of Julesburg aged 2. In 2000 aged 4 he moved to the small Utah village of Moab. Desperate to play soccer, his parents searched for teams for him. He was offered trials in 2004 to Real Salt Lake and Phoenix. He chose Salt Lake as it was nearer. Due to his commitments, his father took him and his younger brothers, Islam Faisal and Awad Abu, to Logan, just north of Salt Lake City, leaving their mother and older brothers Amjad Zesh Ashiq and Ali Iqbal Ashiq in Moab. In 2009, Abdul Ashwin and his brothers Islam Faisal and Awad Abu were forced to return due to their fathers death. They returned to Moab with their brothers Ali Iqbal and Amjad Zesh. Late 2009 their mother married a Spanish-Cuban immigrant who had fled from Mexico to Puerto Rico and used his Cuban heritage as part of a deal to use the wet feet dry feet policy to get into the USA. His name was Roberto Juan Cruz, but known as Robba. In December 2009, Robba offered to take them to Scotland for trials, Amjad Zesh and Ali Iqbal declined to stay and go to college, Abdul Ashwin and his younger brothers accepted. Ashiq's mother prevented Islam Faisal from going as he was bright and she anticipated he would get good grades in America, she also said Awad Abu was too young to go. Abdul Ashwin went for trials at Ross County whilst living in Beauly. In 2011 he eventually won a contract at Inverness CT. In 2014 Abdul Ashwin Ashiq was released from ICT and returned to the States to go on trial with some MLS sides, however he left USA to return to Scotland and he won a 6-month contract with former club Beauly.

2010-2011 Beauly

2011-2014 ICTFC U20

2012 -> Nairn County (loan)

2014- Beauly