The 2014 Inverness Cup is held between 8 teams.

Group AEdit

Inverness CT Clachnacuddin Inverness City Black Watch

Inverness CT 1-0 Clachnacuddin

Reuperné 90+3

Inverness City 3-0 Black Watch

Mackay 22,54,56

Inverness CT 3-0 Inverness City

Polworth 12,75.

Vales 88

Clachnacuddin 2-0 Black Watch

Whyte 22,48.

Inverness CT 10-2 Black Watch

Haley 12,33,68, Paul 17,79.

Vales 20,55,

Venta 21

Stone 65

Cénteńo 70,81,

Ali 82

Clachnacuddin 0-0 Inverness City

Inverness CT and Clachnacuddin qualify for the Semi Finals.

Group BEdit

Inverness Union Highland Light Infantry Inverness Citadel Inverness CFS

Inverness Union 3-0 Highland Light Infantry

Higgins 12,30.

Porterfield 88

Inverness Citadel 1-0 Inverness CFS

Dabao OG 27

Inverness Union 6-0 Inverness CFS

Higgins 2,33,43,77

Porterfield 66

McCardle 88

Highland Light Infantry 2-0 Inverness Citadel

Rose 3

Marrone 5

Inverness Union 2-2 Inverness Citadel

Jean 10,90+2. Earl 12,90+3.

Highland Light Infantry 2-1 Inverness CFS

Marrone 34,55. Tong 85

Inverness Union and Highland Light Infantry qualify for Semi Finals.

Semi FinalEdit

Inverness CT 6-0 Highland Light Infantry

Pierre 66,72,88

Cénteńo 75,90

Haley 82

Clachnacuddin 2-0 Inverness Union

Doran 12,87


Inverness CT 1-0 Clachnacuddin

Pierre 120+3. Skinner sent off 114

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